Blemish Dilemma

Blemishes.  We all get them and we all react differently to them.  Sure, no one looks forward to having a giant pimple on their face, but for most of us we know its just a temporary dilemma.  There are some folks, however, that freak out and do certain things to potentially make the situation much worse.

For example.  Don't just start experimenting with different acne treatments all at once.  The worst thing to do is to overwhelm the rest of your face with all these foreign ingredients and/or fragrance.  No bueno.  Also, keep away from ANY exfoliants that include a scrub.  Just because you have a blemish in one or a few places does not mean your whole face needs treatment.

Also, what happens when you constantly give someone too much attention and blow smoke up their ass?  Their head grows, gets bigger- and that's the same thing that happens here.  Being stressed about the situation will only make it worse.  We all know that stress can cause illness, cancer, etc. and it can also break out your face.

You want to make sure that you have a daily skin care regimen that is fragrance free, creating that right balance for your skin, and packaged correctly to be effective.  If you break out often, you are probably using the wrong products and unfortunately do not have the best understanding about your skin type.

I do offer customized consultations on makeup and skin care, so always remember you can reach out to me for a free consultation.  I hope this helps, and just remember- relax, its just a pimple no one will love you less.  Enjoy life and appreciate everything you have.

The Makeup Show NYC 2012, A Real Money Sucking Machine


Ahhhhhhh, The Makeup Show in NYC.  A makeup artist, and makeup lover's paradise.  Or is it?  

This business concept is brilliant, and extremely profitable...kudos to the Powder Group!  

A Haven for makeup professionals featuring live makeup demonstrations and seminars conducted by the industries most known and loved makeup artists.  There are almost 100 different makeup brands present, and all competing hard to sell you their products.  Most brands offer a discount of 10-40% (generally 20%) which is nice, but with the $50 cost of the ticket you definitely need to buy a good amount of product before you break even.   

I am telling you, some people go waaaay overboard in their spending there.  I see it.  Tons of credit cards being used.  Ouch.  This business was designed to be a money eating machine, so be careful!    

To makeup artists, freelancers, or aspiring makeup artists, a bit of advice to you before you set foot in the Makeup Show 2013.   First figure out what you want to get out of it.  Do you want to utilize the show for its discount to stock up your kit? (You should have discounts already with a ton of brands, they all offer a HIGHER discount than the makeup show generally), do you want to learn from all the seminars? (I think this is a great idea if you are into the artistry of it all) do you want to go to the career fair?  Do not just go blindly into this place, of you might be like a kid in a candy store and come out bankrupt.  

Overall, I like it.  I don't think I will go every year but I certainly will every 2 years or so.  I like to see new things that come out, try to find little hidden gems, and just see packaging, get business ideas etc.  

Set your budget ($100-$200) and bring CASH.  This should include your expenses including travel, lunch etc.  These kind of habits for freelancers are crucial to allow a successful career in freelancing.

Thanks for reading,

I did love this brush area, brushes for $2 and up, a steal!
One of my besties, Christina Vega
What the seminars look like

I was very impressed with this brand, Ellis Faas lip glosses!
Inglot was a big hit
Random demonstrations on the floor