Make-up collection 2008/2009

Make-up collection 2008/2009

The collection, whose bold shades and color combinations emphasizes the game of color seduction.You will find some spectacular colors, which are - as always, highly innovative tekstur and combin the practical application and skin care products in one.

This year's fashion trends lead us in a fairly peaceful world of colors, the colors of our planet. On eyelid recommended shades of brown to gray and green tones. Eyelashes must be very natural. Our guide is the nature of this year.

Face tone must be also natural. Using the current basis, which may be overlays. Any irregularity in the face cover with a light liquid overlay corrector. The combination of these will create a shiny and fresh face. Use so-called sheemer (glory), which highlight the extremely nice shiny look.

Eyes, we will this year highlighted in shades of gold, but you can create a black, smoking or surprise with stronger colors such as blue, yellow, etc. ..

Color lips in red and burgundy. For the natural look use more natural colors similar to your skin tone..

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