Make-up trends 2009 – Out With the Old and In With the New

Make-up trends 2009 – Out With the Old and In With the New

Are you ready to say hello to the new year and goodbye to the old year? Why not spring over to the new year with the make up trends 2009. Next year, 2009, seems like it is going to be a fun year for make up trends, because there are so many new and gorgeous ones.

Why not give yourself a nice makeover for the new year and freshen that makeup bag up with some of the make up trends 2009. Amongst the make up trends 2009, you will have the smokey eye look.

Guess what! The lilac eyeshadows are coming back in style and they will be better than ever and how about some shimmer cream that will highlight those cheeks.

Sarah Jessica Parker

You can do away with those purples that are heavy, pewter palettes and metallics as you make yourself look fresh for the make up trends 2009.

If you don’t realize it already, the leading trend for the year 2009 is neutral and fresh. For the spring time, try some baby pink cheek color.

With the baby pink cheek color you can give your cheeks a fresh streak of color on them. You want to go light on the foundation this season, but you can brighten up your winter skin with the shimmer crème. This is the easiest way to highlight your face and get that natural glow. This would look great with red lips with neutral colors around the eyes.

Katherine Heigl

For the eyes, lilac eyeshadow with some silver or white eyeliner will look good and add a fresh twist to your look.

Eva Longoria

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