Celebrity and Wrinkles - Susan Sarandon, Christie Brinkley

Susan Sarandon

Christie Brinkley

Celebrity and Wrinkles - Susan Sarandon, Christie Brinkley

WOW! Did you know Susan Sarandon is past sixty years old? How about Christie Brinkley, the face of Cover Girl who was born in 1954? If you are like many, then you are surprised at when you hear a celebrities age. How do they do it? How do they stay so young!

Well, for one, they don’t stay young, they just know what to do in order to avoid those wrinkles. Then you have some cases where celebrities have injections, such as botox to get rid of the wrinkles and stop them from showing up. There is no doubt that celebrities have many secrets. It seems that celebrity and wrinkles are two words that do not belong together. Name a celebrity that has lots of wrinkles. It’s hard to think of one right off the top of the mind.

Keeping the skin looking gorgeous and looking young is hard to do and can become expensive. However, for the typical celebrity staying young is a job retirement. When a celebrity gets wrinkles, they may be forced for an early retirement. It doesn’t sound right, but it is true. Perhaps that is why the celebrities go out of their way to have those wrinkles reduced.

When a celebrity doesn’t use botox, then their other option is going under the laser. There is collage production that slows the wrinkles down.

The cost of this is $1000 per session, but this doesn’t bother the celebrities. Then you have celebrities who get chemical peals in order to reduce the wrinkles. Whatever way you go, celebrity and wrinkles equals early retirement.

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