Make Up for Different Styles

Make up- red hair

Make up - darker skin

Make Up for Different Styles

Make up - dark skin

Make up - blondes

When it comes to make up, we believe one of the most important factors is the eyes. Eye make up can really effect how you look.

Within this article, we are going to tell you some information on eye make up for different styles. When choosing the type of make up you want, you should take into consideration your eye shape, skin tone, occasion and personality.

Many people want natural eye makeup and you will get this by using neutral colors. We believe you should use the natural eye makeup style for environments such as business and work. When doing this style, you will need to enhance your eyes without making it look ‘made up.’ Or obvious looking. You will need to use the eye color that is the same color as your skin. When it comes to the dramatic makeup designs, this style should be for special occasions or when you want to put more attention towards your eyes.

The dramatic colors are colors such as dark, smoky eye makeup and glitter styles. When doing this different style, you should go more bolder with the eye liner than you would any other time. Don’t be afraid to take the line a bit past the eyes. You should also try lining the bottom lid with a little bit of eye shadow.

Don’t forget to curl the lashes and put a couple coats of mascara on. There are so many different make up for different styles out there, you shouldn’t be afraid to try them.

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