Rihanna’s Make Up Style - Look Like Rihanna

Rihanna Latest Haircut

Rihanna - Hot Lips

Rihanna’s Make Up Style - Look Like Rihanna

Rihanna - Pink Lips

Rihanna surely is music of the sun and many of the teenagers out there want to be under her umbrella. Why is this? It’s not just because of her sheer beauty, but her music adds a fine touch to it all.

Rihanna - Dramatic Look

Rihanna Bob Hairstye

When Rihanna first aired on the radio, the crowd went crazy, there was immediate Rihanna fans all over the world. As time progressed, girls began to fall in love with Rihanna’s make up. What is it with Rihanna’s make up? It seems she has fantastic make up and is always sparkling. Within this article, we will be talking about a sparkly subject, Rihanna’s make up.

Rihanna - Bob Hairstyle

Whenever you see Rihanna, she has on eye shadow that just sparkles and those big eye lashes really add something to it. With the right type of eye liner, eye shadow and mascara, you too could have eyes that look just like Rihanna’s. While Rihanna’s face is unique, not many people have her shape of face, but you could defiantly have Rihanna’s make up style.

Rihanna - Curly Hair

Rihanna’s favorite eye shadow style is smoky eyes, there is no denying that. Smoky eyes is really easy to do and will take no time if you have the right type of eye shadow.

Rihanna - Big Eye Lashes

Rihanna Pixie Cut

When you are putting on make up, to look like Rihanna’s eyes, you should put some eyeliner on and put it on the top line, make it a bit bold at the top of your lashes. You don’t have to be perfect because you will be covering it up with eye shadow. Then you pick the eye shadow of your choice and apply it with a brush.

Rihanna - Black Eyeliner

Rihanna - Natural Makeup

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