Katie Holmes Make Up - Alluring Eyes That Katie Holmes Has

Alluring Eyes That Katie Holmes Has

Katie Holmes Played In Dawson’s Creek

You may not be able to star on Dawson’s Creek, but you could at least get the look of the Dawson’s Creek star, we are talking about Katie Holmes and she has been sweeping through the nation with some fabulous Katie Holmes make up. Katie Holmes first became a star when she played in The Ice Storm. After she played in this, she moved to the teen drama that was successful on WB Dawson’s Creek.

Katie Holmes Star In Pieces Of April

We also watched Katie Holmes star in Pieces of April. As we watched Katie Holmes in all her episodes and movies, we just couldn’t stop looking at Katie Holmes make up, there was just something about it. It looked so…natural, but we knew she had make up on.

Glamorous look - Katie Holmes

In order to get the same type of make up look like Katie Holmes has, you will need to initiate by exfoliating and moisturizing your entire face. As you are doing this, keep in mind that it should be a gentle process. Next, you will need to shipshape those eyebrows by taking a eyebrow brush that has hard bristles on it and brushing them. You will need to pluck any of those sinful hairs. Then you will need to take a medium-brown pencil and blend the area in. Fill in any of those sparse areas. Subsequently, find a beigey-nude powder eye shadow and apply it to the lids and put some just under the arch of your brows.

Katie Holme`s Make Up

In order to get the same alluring eyes that Katie Holmes has, you will need to find some false lashes and apply them to your upper lash line. Make sure your eye area is dry first before you apply those lashes. After you have placed them on your eyes, about thirty seconds later you can put your mascara on. In the end, when you are all done, you will have Katie Holme’s make up.

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