My First Love Of Makeup And What Started It All

Most clients I work with, or just people I meet in general always want to know "How and when did you get into makeup?" For some reason, I always have to stop and think... even though I get the question all the time.

Last night I came to the realization of how and when it exactly happened as I watched the movie inspiration since the first time it came out.

The year was 1995, the movie "Hackers" came out with Angelina Jolie and her then husband and co-star Johnny Lee Miller. Her beauty was already enough to bear! There was one scene, at a party, where Jolie is wearing a skin tight white patent leather suit, her boyish chopped short black hair, and topping it all of was a bright shimmery red shadow all over her eyelids! I think the clash with her blue eyes, black hair, white outfit, the red was just perfect. Worn so well....I fell in love with makeup.

I did my best to find a photo if the scene, there aren't many, but I did fine one. It looks way more vibrant in the movie though!

The movie is slightly cheesy but good enough to watch the whole way though.

That's it! I figured it out. 1995, Angelina Jolie.

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