Celebrity Makeup Icon: Nicki Minaj

Celebrity Makeup Icon: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj - MAC has created a special edition lipstick for her called “Pink 4 Friday”

Nicki Minaj has come a long way from Queens to MTV’s Annual Hottest MC list. This young female rapper has managed to hit the top 40 lists chart after chart in such a very short time,. But it is not only Nicki Minaj’s brand of music that has captured the imagination of America. Her very unique and distinctive makeup is also a hit. In fact MAC has taken noticed and created a special edition cotton candy pink lipstick for her called “Pink 4 Friday” to coincide with the release of her debut album “Pink Friday”.

Nicki Minaj - Very Unique And Distinctive Make-up

Nicki’s look is known as the “Barbie look” - vivid eye shadow colors and bright pink lipstick are her trademark. It is a sexy yet cute, young yet sophisticated, fresh yet ageless look. It is also a very versatile look that you can tone down for day time wear and glam up for fun nights.

Nicki Minaj rocks sexy “smokey” eyes in various dazzling eye shadow colors- yellow, blue, pink, purple that makes the eyes pop.

Nicki’s bright green eyes

For the eye shadow to last, use an eye shadow base that is in the same family color as the eye shadow colors of choice.

Choose complimentary colors for the main eye shadow. The bright green eyes of Nicki is a blend of apple green and yellow and a natural shadow.

Apply the natural shadow at the upper lid from the crease up, close to the brow bone.

Then apply the apple green eye shadow from the lash line all the way to the crease,

Top it with the yellow eye shadow and blend, blend, blend.

The eye shadows are applied with an eye shadow brush for proper blending.

To make the bright colors really stand out, purple eye shadow is applied at the inner corners of the eyes and white eye shine is used to line the lower lash line.

Black eye liner pencil or black powder eye liner applied wet for a more dramatic look is used to line the upper lash lines.

Finally, add lashes and brush it with mascara

Nicki loves pink. In fact her lips are always colored pink, whatever color is her eyes. For her lips she prefers a bring candy pink lipstick topped with lip gloss.

Nicki’s look “Barbie look” - Vivid Eye Shadow Colors And Bright Pink Lipstick

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