How to achieve dewy skin, not oily skin!

I had a wonderful question on achieving dewy skin to my Facebook makeup consulting page, and controlling oil throughout the day while still maintaining the look.  Please feel free to ask me any question and I will answer it personally to you :)

Ooooh the dewy look.  It is so beautiful and achievable.  Powder will definitely not do that for you.  In the winter time, the dewy look is much more controlled since you do not have to battle the heat and humidity so here is what I suggest...first and foremost, directly after you wash your face, while your pores are still open, apply a generous amount of moisturizer, to where your skin feels really supple.  If you have very dry skin, you might want to use an elixir from Makeup Forever.   If you will be having a long day, add a drop of a primer as well.  I'm a fan of the makeup forever HD line right now :)  After your face is fully hydrated and prepped, if you see your skin got a little too much hydration, simply take a blotting sheet and blot your T-zone.  Take about 2 pumps of a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer, put it on your hand to warm it up, take a makeup wedge and start stippling (kind of like dabbing) the foundation from the center of your face outward.  When I say use the tinyest amount of foundation to start, do that.  You can build later if you want.  All the skin preparation will create the deweyness, and the foundation will seal the deal.  Now to control an oily T-zone in the day time, maybe you cant, but there are always blotting sheets which are my best friend.  They will remove the oil, but not the makeup and your skin will still look dewey.  Good luck!

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