How Much Makeup Do You Really Need To Own?

My adorable kit, below...

Sometimes, when I am consulting with clients on their personal makeup situations, I see a shocking pattern:  Most women, especially ones that have serious trouble with applying their makeup, have so much makeup they don't even know what to do with it.  Before it expires, and before you run your pockets thin, you might want to learn how to use a minimal amount, and master what you have before you choose to start adding to your collection ;)

I would like to help everyone out and give you a few tips on what you really need in your personal makeup kit.  I am a makeup artist, but I have my own personal makeup that I use on myself.... of course!   Little tips will be included to actually help you downsize the amount of makeup you need to own, and buy.  Save that money for a house, or vacation, or a rainy day!

Now keep in mind, what looks minimal to some may seem excessive for others.  I will try to find that middle ground.

Your daily moisturizer with SPF- both should be fragrance free, a mattifying lotion for oily skin, a hydrating one for dry.

Tinted Moisturizer / Foundation-  No primer is needed for Tinted Moisturizer, but a primer for foundation is optional.

Concealer - Foundation bottles have a secret hidden in their caps... concealer!  Liquid foundations naturally thicken in its cap, so grab a concealer brush and go for it.

Loose / Pressed powder- You can really use both with a large powder brush to set your makeup in the T-Zone area.  Your preference

Eyeshadow Palettes (1-2) Quad (4 colors) - This would be between 4 - 8 colors.  Try a warm palette (beige, gold, brown) & a cool palette (light blue, olive green), or 2 warm palettes for more options.  I feel everyone should have a warm palette.  If you make sure to add a black color, you can use that as your eyeliner with a small angled brush (if you want to remove an additional product and not need an eyeliner)

Gel eyeliner / Pencil eyeliner.  Don't be afraid of the gel.  If you are, just draw a rough outline with the pencil, and go over with with a brush and the gel.

Mascara- Your preference, and believe me, all women have their preference :)

Lip Palette - Some women love to try many lip colors, but realistically we are only going to wear a few most of the time.  So although I am recommending a lip palette, try an emptly palette so that you can customize it yourself.  Most lip palettes come with many options, so if you are ok with that then it is for you, but for me, I just need a couple.  Bobbi Brown has an empty palette you can buy (here), that holds up to 6 lipstick colors.  You can buy any color and brand lipstick that you love, scoop out a little and put it in the palette, and take your little retractable lip brush to go. 

Blush/Bronzer are optional, but I highly encourage it.  A little goes a long way to adding depth, dimension, and glow to the skin in seconds.  Try getting one that has both, like Nars (click here) or one from Laura Geller (this is what it looks like) literally both all mixed into one.  Dust on cheeks and temples with a powder brush and you kill 2 birds with one stone.

Blotting sheets- I don't care how dry your skin is, if you are wearing foundation or tinted moisturizer, at some point in the middle of the day, you should blot.  You can get like 100 sheets for $10 at Sephora.

You are done.  Seriously, what is this like 7 products? :)

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