Bronzing... For Correction, Not A Tan!

I am a huge fan of Bronzer.  On myself, for my clients, but it is not the same kind of bronzing I'm talking about that would only accommodate someones tan.  Don't get me wrong, I love the pale look (& I am pretty pale lol),  It's just about giving the face dimension, depth and contour.  The bronzer can act as a color corrector to your chest, and arms.

On alot of people, their face tends to be lighter.  Maybe its because of the SPF applied everyday (as you should be) or the fact that we get facials, scrub etc.  Sometimes even in photos, the face photographs so much lighter (as I used to notice on myself).  If someone has a much tanner (or redder) chest and body than their face I would not make the foundation for the face dark to match the chest, I would try to find a common ground between the colors, and apply a bronzer around the temples, under the cheek bone, down the bridge of the nose and neck.

This is a big pro tip if you plan on being photographed.

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