My Microdermabrasion Experience

So last week, I purchased a Groupon for a microdermabrasion session at The Whole You Spa - a medical spa located by my house in Riverdale.  I never had one, and have only had about 5 basic facials in my entire life.

The idea of it always sounded appealing to me, because I am under the impression that my skin is thick, and can handle a few layers removed.  That and the fact that once these top few layers are removed, your skin care regimen can be improved because it does not have to fight so hard to fuse with your skin.

The facial started out with a toning, normal scrub exfoliation, and a moisturizing.  this is always enjoyable, and I knew it was to prep the skin, exfoliate, and hydrate before this little vacuum and crystals suck away.

I really thought it was going to be some sort of a scrub, because they say crystals are used.  She let me know that she can adjust the pressure so that if it feels too uncomfortable she can alleviate it a bit...hmm, this is where I am like "Oh jeez what am I about to get into?" She gave me an initial little suck toward the top of my hairline and I was like "That's it??" it really felt like a dream.  It was exactly what I wanted to have done.  It was like a comfortable small hose going over your skin, and you feel the suction with what feels like little grains of sand coming down in the process.  I really felt like the top layers of my skin (which in my head I call rubbery skin, I know I am kind of weird) were being vacuumed up.

As she finished up, she let me know that my skin would definitely be a little dry after the process.  Rightfully so I believe since it just got the sucking of its life.  This is where my oatmeal mask came in.  It really smelled like heaven, and my skin did feel hydrated afterwards.  

Because I am familiar with skin care, and the logic it involves, in my head I was hoping she put an SPF of 30 or greater on me, which she did :)

I had the idea in my head that I could potentially break out a little from the process.  Why did I think that?  Well, its a vacuum effect.  If it is sucking up all of the oils and blackheads I have lingering around, its obviously not going to get everything out in one shot.  It will push everything up, but that is a good thing.  So I do have a few new bumps that have surfaced, but nothing I cant handle.  I am not going to pick, scrub or anything like that.  I will use my liquid BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) which I will use from a cotton swap to dry everything out.  I might get a regular extraction in a month and another microdermabrasion in 2...

My analysis.  If you scrub your skin alot, get many many facials, and your skin is not in a chilled state of mind.. be easy on it before you go :)

Will update.

Hope this helps, as I really did not know what to expect.

Samantha Lennon

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