Four Generations of the Rockefeller family - A Visual of Kykuit, Hudson Valley

                                                                       The House

First off I know this might be weird I am posting this on my makeup blog, but hey, I don't have a personal one and I might do more of this stuff  because it does involve art and beauty :)


Secondly, my husband and I have this really weird fascination with mansions, specifically ones built in or around the Gilded Age.  A few extremely notable families include The Rockefeller's, The Vanderbilt's, J.P Morgan, & The Astor's.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why or how it happened, but I'm hooked on visiting every one of them across the country.  All of these families just so happen to have numerous mansions lining the beautiful Hudson River.  I live along the Hudson River as well.  Working in and around the city, and being a New Yorker that drives has its serious advantages.   These places are only like a 30-60 minute drive out the city... no big deal!

                                                         Just a little part of the property

Anyway, to me even more so than anything makeup related, I think this form or art is true beauty.  Its actually a combination of numerous  forms of art such as architecture, paintings, sculptures, tapestries, carpentry, cloth,  nature, history, and money to make it all happen.  The experience is just something I cant explain.   Walking into these fortresses, you can only imagine what you would do if you lived there.  The detailing in these houses- the immense thought that went into custom designing  every tiny little aspect, just blows my mind.  Style has changed since then, I think true beauty has been diluted, and  things are so cheaply made for mass production.  Back then there was also no IRS so people kept all the money they made.  It was the most prosperous time in the history of the United States, and about 5 families had all the money.  Literally, all of it.  Imagine if money were not an issue for you, and you could build the most ostentatious house you can dream up.  These were old school cats from European decent, so they had the style, but during a time of prosperity in America, where we do everything BIGGER, and BETTER, these masterpieces came out of it, to try and outshine one another.
                                                               Such an amazing ceiling, most had similar ones

I am very lucky, because normally there is no photography allowed in these estates, so I always just get the property, house from the outside, etc... this time I was beyond thrilled to learn we could take photos (and I am happily in love with instagram) and this wound up being one of my favorite estates we have ever visited.   I am warning you, there are alot of photos, but I do this stuff for me, and I can stare at them all day :)
                                                                                Small part of China collection
This hilltop paradise was home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, beginning with the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller.  I use this word "philanthropist because these men really were.  They gave a combined amount of I'm sure billions to non for profits they believed in, started, charities, education, medical history, etc.  Sure things are corrupt everywhere, but this was the real deal.  Their love of life is proof in their legacy, and I am surprised at so many people who don't even know the story.  Its pretty interesting, so if you mustered up the strength to sit through this, than there are some cool visuals below.  Enjoy.


Its the little details, door decoration

Basement was sort of a massive art gallery.  
Rockefeller Jr. and especially his wife
loved Modern art, she started the MOMA

Goose Girl
Gold Car Boy

Car showroom

Detail, this is just an awning holder
Pretty schnazzy

Four generations of Rockefeller's

Part of car collection
Part of carriage collection

Railing details

He commissioned Picasso for customized art

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