Makeup And Beauty Workshop For NYC Lingerie Company


This was a very exciting time in my life, as I would be graduating from person to person consulting, to business to business consulting.


I created a 3 hour workshop for the female staff of a mid sized hi end lingerie company here in the city.  My goal was to have it be educational, interactive, an open forum, and entertaining.  Keeping a room full of over 30 women attentive and engaged for 3 hours, is not as easy as it sounds :)


I must say, I was very, very nervous (as anyone would be public speaking) but because I was so overly prepared it definitely made everything run smoothly.  I remembered to make everyone laugh, be down to earth, and actually provide exceptional information and techniques to everyone.


I also provided tools for everyone to take notes on.

Everyone was very warm and friendly to me as well as my assistant Christina.  I look forward to working with more companies in the near future.


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